Message from president

Small but First Class as a slogan,
we contribute to the innovative future
through knowledge and technology.

Citizen Micro created the industry-standard, reduction-device equipped motors (geared motors) by originally developing and producing motors through our tradition and history derived from the Companys expertise in the ultra-fine machining technology of watch parts manufacturing.


Since the founding days of the Company with a slogan Small but First Class, we have continued to provide quality and services of excellence that meet the expectations of customers in the design and manufacture of micro motors with our key technologies of cutting and processing small-size and precision components.


Today the motor types manufactured by the Company find application in the global market in a wide range of fields such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, housing accommodation and security equipment, and optical equipment, achieving high acclaim.


By closely responding to our customers requests and problem solutions, we not only make a proposal of new designs, but also jointly produce customized products.


True to its corporate slogan Small but First Class, Citizen Micro will continue to push ahead with the evolution and advancement of its proprietary micro core technologies as a manufacturer specialized in micro-precision motors, and by improving customer satisfaction and increasing employees technological capabilities, we aim to be a company that takes up new challenges in the pursuit of ever more diverse fields in micro technology.

Akihiko Nakano
Citizen Micro Co., Ltd.