Gear motor

Gear motor is a generic name that a motor and a gearhead are combined. Basically, a motor has higher speed (our standard one has 2,600min-1~16,500min-1).

However when the customer want to use on the application, there are many cases that lower speed and higher torque is required. Gearhead (our standard has a 1/4 to 1/3125 gear ratio) is put on the motor then makes gear motors to realize required spec.

Citizen Micro has around 3000 kind of standard gear motors that have planetary gearhead (outside diameter 10 to 22 mm) or spur gearhead (outside diameter 12 to 42mm or specialized).

We also accept to develop gear motors that have customized motor and customized gearhead.

Please contact our sales team without constraint.

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You can simply input required spec (torque, speed etc.) into the search window and find out suitable one from it.

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