New products information (Optical encoder)

Optical encoder

Existing optical encoder "ME-16" has been fully updated.
The concept is "keep performance and miniaturization" and we achieve 50% shorter length than existing optical encoder.

When combine Φ16 to 24mm coreless motors or gearhead, they can meet requirements for medical equipments, robotics, optical products and miniaturization.
Details can be shown on technical data sheet "optical encoder" and catalog on page 51 "Φ16 optical encoder MK-16" (downloadable from our homepage).

 Specification Optical encoder MK-16 

Φ16mm Optical encoder MK-16
Type Incremental
Sensor Optical(reflection type)
diameter Φ16mm
Length 11.3mm
Number of Channel 2(A, B)
Resolution 36 to 200P/R
Maximum response 30 to 60 KHz
Output signal TTL compatible

Outline optical encoder MK-16

When you want to know more detail information of optical encoder MK-16, please contact our sales team without constraint.

New products information (small and high efficiency coreless motor)

Realize higher torque even if diameter and length is same as existing motors by original winding technology.
They are the best solution for high mobility performance of robotics, medical equipments, measurement equipments, testing equipment and for miniaturization of various other equipments.
In addition we also develop brushless motor that is applied same winding technology, these can meet various requirements.

Small size

Diameter and length: 1:Φ13×13L/Φ16×16L

Higher output efficiency

Introduced special winding technology then can be higher efficiency than existing coreless motors.

Small, light, save energy

They are the most suitable for battery operation equipments due to light weight and save energy.


Due to lower inertia, response speed is exceeded for forward and reverse control.


Winding spec, metal or carbon brush, single output or double output shaft, magnetic or optical encoder, gearhead (planetary or spur).