Privacy Policy

CITIZEN MICRO CO., LTD. will make efforts to protect and handle personal data and customer related information which is used through our business appropriately, adhering to laws and the other regulations concerning protection of personal information.
1. Our company will make efforts to administer appropriate measures to secure information and will keep safety control.
2. Our company will get personal information in accordance with relevant laws and in a fair manner and get agreement about the purpose of the utilization and so on by the person who is mainly concerned with the information, needless to say, will never get unauthorized access.
3. Our company will never disclose or provide the personal information without the customer's agreement except for the following situations;
    ·the situation in which we outsource to companies which cooperate with us for the purpose of the use
    ·the situation in which judicial branch, administrative organization and so on request disclosure of information
4. To the necessary extent for the business accomplishment, our company will allow the only person who has authority to perform specific business to use personal information in principle.
Octover 1, 2009