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Custom Design

CITIZEN MICRO CO., LTD. is active in proposing standard product-modified custom products and further new custom-made products and jointdevelopment in order to be of assistance in solving problems at the development stage of applications at our dear customers.We are promoting joint development with a firm partnership established on solid relationships with our customers that have been built through a long history of reliable performance. Engineers of CITIZEN MICRO CO., LTD. are dispatched to customers to respond to customize in a timely manner to contribute to shortening of the development period and improvement of quality and cost reduction at the customers.

Please contact us to solve your tasks and requirements like high speed brushless motors, low backrush gearhead and quiet etc. for our motors, rotary encoders, and gearheads.

Standard product-modified custom products

Coreless motor modified for longer life. Noise measures
Torque limiter employed to minimize damage to teeth due to overload on the output shaft.
Output shaft shape modified to meet customer requests.

Flow of proposal

  • Definitely required specifications of coreless motors, brushless motors, core motors, reduction gears and rotary encoders

    Customer spec

  • Selection from catalog

    There are many products that are not listed in catalog. Please contact us.

    Standard product

  • Partial modification of standard products

    ・ Output shaft length and configuration.
    ・Lead wire and connector.
    ・Noise measures.
    ・Torque limiter.

    Standard product modified custom products

  • New design according to customer specifications

    ・Special configuration, smaller size.
    ・Use in special environment.
    ・Higher torque, smaller backlash, lower
    ・noise level.

    Custom-made products

  • Joint development of elements with customers

    ・Unitization containing customers'
    ・application mechanisms.
    ・Special reliability test, etc.

    Joint development