Technical DataPlanetary Gearhead

Planetary Gearhead

Planetary Gearhead

  • ① Planetary Gearhead
  • ② Planetary Gear
  • ③ Carrier
  • ④ Internal Gear
  • ⑤ Bearing
  • ⑥ Output Shaft
Planetary Gearhead

The planetary type gearhead has a mechanism that meshes 3 to 4 gears with one gear on the input side, so it is possible to transmit high torque per stage.

In addition, although it is small, it can be decelerated at high speed, and it has a cylindrical shape due to the meshing mechanism.

Citizen Micro Planetary Gearhead

We achieved small and high torque through excellent precision processing technology (newly developed φ8 planetary gearhead for a wider range of applications from the previous φ10~22 series)
V Series (IG-13V, 16V and 22V) planetary gearheads offer higher torque thanks to optimum design and are of simple construction realized by sintered components.

・Higher torque transmittable.

・Efficiency:81% per stage

・Input-output position:Same center

・Input/output rotating direction:Same

Type Diameter Rated Torque Reduction Ratio
IG-8 φ8 MAX 100mNm 1/4 - 1/1024
IG-10 φ10 MAX 147mNm 1/16 - 1/1024
IG-13V φ13 MAX 294mNm 1/16 - 1/425
IG-16 φ16 MAX 196mNm 1/4 - 1/483
IG-16V φ16 MAX 490mNm 1/19 - 1/850
IG-22C φ22 MAX 196mNm 1/4 - 1/483
IG-22V φ22 MAX 785mNm 1/4 - 1/509
IG-43 43×43 MAX 1960mNm 1/14 - 1/864