Technical DataSpur Gearhead

Spur Gearhead

Spur Gearhead

  • ① Bottom plate
  • ② Small gear
  • ③ Shaft
  • ④ Large gear
  • ⑤ Bearing
  • ⑥ Output shaft
Spur Gearhead

The spar type gearhead has a mechanism that meshes one gear with one gear.
Due to its simple structure, the degree of freedom in design is high, and thin box-shaped objects are also possible. In addition, it is possible to reduce noise by angling the gears.

Citizen Micro Spur Gearhead

Centered around RB-35 Series, the world standard, selection can be made from a wide range of products according to applications such as size and torque.
RB-35V Series has been developed on the concept of "long life and continuous run" and can be combined with brushless motors. The product lineup is enriched by the quiet type RB-35C employing a helical gear at the first stage and RB-35P most suitable for intermittent run.

・Efficiency:Small torque but thinner and quieter design is possible.

・Efficiency:90% per stage

・Input-output position:Same center or different center

・Input/output rotating direction:Varies depending on number of stages

Type Diameter Rated Torque Reduction ratio
RA-12RB φ12 MAX 24.5mNm 1/7 - 1/208
RA-16R φ16 MAX 58.8mNm 1/10 - 1/1413
RB-35V φ37 MAX 588mNm 1/32- 1/792
RB-35C φ37 MAX 588mNm 1/6 - 1/684
RB-35P φ37 MAX 588mNm 1/6 - 1/3000
RB-38 φ46 MAX 981mNm 1/11- 1/270
RTJ-100 36×66 MAX 196mNm 1/151 - 1/908